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Welcome to the EPBBN website.

About the EPBBN (El Paso Black Business Network)
The El Paso Black Business Network was founded in July 1999 and launched on December 6, 2005 along with the Black El Paso News & Information (now the Black El Paso Voice), by the (then) spouse of a soldier who was assigned to Fort Bliss, Texas. Seeing the need for more information and resources to help identify Black business, Monica Tucker made the decision to be a part of the solution by making herself available to those seeking to find certain types of businesses.

EPBBN Mission:

To improve the overall quality of life for all Black entrepreneurs in the El Paso area

EPBBN Goals:

  • Reflection of our mission
  • Provide feasible avenues for EPBBN member businesses and organizations to promote their products and/or services to consumers by way of our member directory, website, e-newsletter, radio and television shows and other means of information exchange
  • Promote and campaign for active participation of the Black community in business ownership, social/civic activities and all community activities relating to business development and growth
  • Encourage members to help employ teens, women and Black minorities within the community
  • Help to reinforce a positive, productive and active image of members of El Paso’s Black demographic

The EPBBN is a networking association designed to serve as a conduit for B2B networking within the black business community in hopes of attaining greater influence, credibility and satisfaction as well as merging resources.

From entrepreneurs to corporate professionals, the EPBBN features local minority businesses and supporters of our organization who share our vision of Success through Access…basically fostering social, business and personal relationships through positive networking.

We consider ourselves to be a unique forum of business entrepreneurs/professionals who desire success in all aspects of life to include socio-economic, educational and personal. The leaders of the EPBBN were stimulated by the spirit of mutual entrepreneurship in hopes of serving the needs of the El Paso Black Business Community by:

  • Becoming advocates for Black entrepreneurs/small business owners/professionals
  • Becoming the paradigm for success for Black youth and others who desire to become small business owners amidst the odds
  • Ascertaining the many opportunities to solidify Black business success in El Paso

How do we plan to do this?

  • Encouragement to develop professionally as an entrepreneur
  • Inflate our current resources to develop a larger community of support
  • Recognition of our Black business community

Understanding the need that as business owners we must activate ourselves to network with others, we seek to partner with other local business organizations that provide guidance and support to small business owners in the El Paso area.

Many of our members are spouses of service members, service members, and veterans, who have joined the growing entrepreneurial network of America’s small business owners.

We serve as a catalyst to motivate black business owners to network with other entrepreneurs within the business community. The need to support and strengthen independent, locally owned business owners is ever present, especially when it comes to creating new jobs for local residents. We seek to develop a core group of individuals who will act as mentors on a peer advisory council. We also hope to attract those individuals in the community who will make themselves available to conduct seminars and sessions for not only our members, but youth who may be interested in various career fields. Entrepreneurs with experience and confidence about their personal and corporate business experience are needed to assist with articles, tips and advice on business issues such as taxes, strategic planning, financing, trade practices, local resources and more, for our newsletter.

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The El Paso Black Business

About the Black Business Directory
The El Paso Black Business Network (EPBBN) created the El Paso Black Pages (EPBP) as a vital tool in which to showcase and unify Black entrepreneurs and organizations. The EPBP will be utilized as a tool to increase awareness about Black owned businesses and highlight the efforts of professionals in the Greater El Paso area.


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